GSoC 2021 - Week 4

Posted on July 4, 2021

Week 4 update

Issues closed.

First, I wanted to note that we’ve been able to close quite a few issues this week!

Here’s a list of them with appropriate links:

PRs in Code Review

There are also 3 tasks currently undergoing a code review by my mentors:

In progress tasks

There are also two tasks currently in progress:

The last one is blocked by another issue: TRUNK-6010

We’ve found that there were more issues with HibernatePatientDAO.getDuplicatePatientsByAttributes than initially thought. However, I’ve already submitted my PR with a fix here:

Next week

In the upcoming week, I’m planning to close any currently reviewed/in-progress tasks and move to RESTWS-829 and RESTWS-836, which will be pretty significant.

Best regards and see you next week!