GSoC 2021 - Week 3

Posted on June 26, 2021

Week 3 update

First blocker

First, I wanted to work on the following ticket: RESTWS-842

It quickly turned out that the underlying service that’s supposed to return duplicated patients throws SQLException.

That’s why I had to resolve this blocker. I’ve created a ticket for this issue: TRUNK-6008 and started looking into it. It was a relatively easy task. There was a syntax issue within the executed SQL. I quickly fixed it and posted a pull request:

I’m now waiting for it to be merged so that I could get back to my task :)

Merged PRs

In this week, we’ve managed to merge PRs for the following tasks:

Completed tasks

I’ve been able to complete the following task from my list: RESTWS-838

At first, I thought it would include a significant portion of coding, but it turned out that there already exists a REST Resource that fulfills the objectives of this task. That’s why I’ve decided only to update its REST documentation.

The PR with docs is posted here:

Next week

In the next week, I will try to get my open pull request to be merged, especially the old ones: RESTWS-821 and RESTWS-823

Next, I’m planning to work on these three next tasks from my list: