GSoC 2021 - Week 2

Posted on June 19, 2021

First serious work

I’ve started the week by working on my next big task:


It involves creating a REST Resource for Alert object from scratch.

The work actually went pretty smoothly, and I didn’t encounter any major difficulties.

I’ve learnt how to create sub-resources, because I had to make one for Alert Recipients.

I also had an opportunity to create my first Controller Test, which is e2e test, verifying endpoint’s functionality from client’s perspective.

I’ve posted my PR for this task here:

I also had to add REST API documentation for it:

Difficulties with the previous task


In the process of code review it turned out, that I can’t really copy the AdministrationSectionExt from legacyui module directly. I had to depend on it.

Unfortunately, that caused some more problems which we’re now investigating.

Another documentation task

Next, I’ve spent some time on this task:


It was a basic documentation task. The RelationshipTypeResource didn’t have any REST API documentation.

However, it would be required for the People management task, that’s why the docs should be up to date.

I’ve posted my PR here:


That’s it for the week. At the end of it I’ve started the following task:


I’m going to continue working on it the next week. I will also tackle the next task from my list, which is:


Hopefully, we will also resolve problems with the previous task.

Take care and stay safe!